Give Your Everything

"It is no reason for me to boast, for necessity is laid upon me."


A piano has 88 keys

But there is a single key

That I can no longer play

This is somewhere between

The keys of B and G

One that says F you

And one that says

C what you did

Another that says E

For everything we were

But D for the death of

You and me

When I sit to play Beethoven’s

“Love Story”

I can no longer hit

That single key that reminds me of you

So the score ends up sounding

Like a moth running into

The flames of our past

Which burned bright

Moths wings burned and frayed

Around the edges

Eventually meeting ground

To twitch and flap stumps

A pathetic ill-rhythmed drum

Off the weathered wooden boards

That one key I can no longer play

Because should I hear it again

The memories of you and me

Would destroy my mind